Every Agri-Food business is unique & need analysis and primary feasibility before execution. We conceptualize your business to understand its nature technically & inancially at primary stage. Our experts are keen to help you to make right decision for proposed Agri-Food business. Our proposals will definitely help you to know better insights of the proposed business accurately.

Why business proposals are important for business?

  • To understand the nature of proposed Agri-Food business.

  • To understand technical and financial aspects for proposed Agri-Food business.

  • To understand business operations, costs, capital investment & profitability for proposed Agri-Food business.

  • To understand project scope, benefits & Govt. assistance.

  • Our expert assistance in right project selection out of many Agri-Food projects.

  • Our expert meeting, telephonic & email Support time to time to solve your project quires.

  • Our expert advice on new and existing food & agribusiness start-ups.


“Get Your Project TEV Done Before Committing Resources, Time & Budget”…

Whether its existing or proposed project, no business is risk free and need comprehensive planning before proceeding for its implementation to make business a success story. We help clients in detailed evaluation of projects to determine the technical feasibility and financial viability. TEV is a risk mitigation task undertaken by us in respect of any industrial/project activity prior to decision taken by promoter, financial institutions, government subsidy agencies and other project associates. “We undertake the feasibility & viability study for every project we undertake in terms of technical, economical, financial, operational & legal aspects.”

Key Benefits of TEV Study

  • Provides historical background of the business or project

  • Identifies new opportunities

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business or proposed venture

  • Determination of technical aspects of the business / project.

  • Helps in cost estimation, cost benefit analysis & financial resources allocation for the project

  • Helps in crafting the strategies for the project operations

  • Helps in assessment of legal requirements like land laws, zoning laws, environmental laws or social media laws related to projects.

  • Helps to estimate how much time the project will take to complete.

  • Identifies a valid reason to undertake the project

  • It evaluates the project's potential for success.


“Detailed Bankable Project Report (DPR)” is the face of every existing & new project which helps individuals, entrepreneurs, business houses & corporate organizations to craft their business strategies & execute the project just in time.

We at Sprout India, assistour client to prepare detailed bankable project report (DPR) for various food and agribusinesses. Our DPR is applicable and accepted by all nationalize banks, financial institutions, govt. subsidy agencies and potential investors who wish to establish their own Agri-food ventures. We are a team of professional managers handling every aspect carefully about DPR preparation which helps entrepreneurs to avail bank finance, government subsidy & other benefits successfully

The Content of Our “DPR”…

We prepare detailed bankable project report as per Agri-food industry standard based on following parameters;

  • Executive summary
  • Objective of the project
  • Industry background and future growth
  • Product or service nature & value
  • Geographical advantage of project site
  • Raw material & resources availability & allocations
  • Project technical details / Product or service technology
  • Post production management
  • Promoter’s facility management
  • Promoter’s strength (Forward & Backward linkage)
  • Project execution strategies
  • Economics of the project & financial viability (Financial ratio analysis)
  • Project SWOT & PEST analysis
  • Product mix, market analysis & strategy
  • Architectural plant layout
  • Project documentation, licenses & certifications

Our DPR Is Accepted By…

  • All Nationalize & Government banks
  • Private sector banks
  • Co-operatives, scheduled banks
  • Non-banking finance institutions
  • All government subsidy agencies (NHM, NHB, NABARD, MOFPI)
  • PMMY,DIC, RKVY, SFAC, APEDA, State Govt. Agri department
  • Small & medium scale industries (SME’s)
  • Farmers, individuals & corporate organizations
  • Venture capitalist, foreign investors


Our advisory & technical finance team help clients to avail project finance in terms of term loan and working capital required for every project. Our finance management team is specialized in preparation of estimated project cost, CMA data, financial ratio analysis, project profitability statements, project implementation and financial benchmarks. We assist client right from the documentation, necessary applications, loan sanctioning till disbursement process from all kind of eligible financial institutions.

Sources of The Project Funding We Work With…

  • Nationalize Banks,
  • Government Sector Banks,
  • Private Sector Bank,
  • Co-operatives
  • Scheduled Banks & Non-banking finance institutions
  • Investors & Venture capitalists
  • Other financial institutions

Key Differentiators of Our Finance Consulting Process…

  • Act as bridge between client & bank for technical know-how
  • Preparation of proper documentation for project
  • Assistance in bank formats and applications
  • Time to time bank process tracking and intimation to client
  • Assistance in legal and valuation process for project
  • Handling & answering bank quires & questions time to time
  • One dedicated source for project from application till sanction
  • Post sanction documentation process assistance


Our technical experts and advisory team is always ready to assist & guide our valuable clients in Agri-food projects. We assist client in understanding complete procedure, process, formats and act as bridge between subsidy agencies and clients for various state and central government schemes related to Agri-food projects. Our empanelment & association for the subsidy process with various states and central government has helped many budding entrepreneurs to avail project subsidies just in time.

Subsidy Agencies We Work With…

  • NHM (National Horticulture Mission)
  • NHB (National Horticulture Board)
  • NABARD (National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development)
  • DIC (District Industries Centre)
  • RKVY (Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana)
  • SFAC (Small Farmers’ Agri-Business Consortium)
  • MOFPI (Ministry of Food Processing Industries)
  • APEDA (Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority)
  • SVLC (SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd)
  • PMKVY (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal VikasYojana)
  • All State Government Agri Dept. Schemes
  • Central Government Agri Dept. Schemes
  • Other Govt./ Private Agencies Schemes

Key Differentiators of Our Finance Consulting Process…

  • Dedicated in-house experienced team to complete the process just in time
  • Right guidance about existing schemes
  • Assistance in complete documentation process
  • Assistance in the query handling time to time
  • Assistance & assurance in subsidy grant & release
  • Hassel free & user friendly processfor farmers & corporates

If you are Individuals, farmers, corporate organizations, co-operatives, Partnership & Proprietary Firms, MNC’s, SME, Public & Private sector organization, R&D Departments, have projects in mind, let’s meet and get your subsidy process simplified!


Setup consulting & Operations consulting are the key drivers of our Technical consulting process for every assignment we undertake for our valuable clients in Agri-food domain. Our management experts assist clients to craft the strategies on field, build the project, operationalize the concept & taking it to the next level i.e. “Market Linkage”.

Key Differentiators of Our “Technical Consulting” Process…

  • Dedicated team of experts for specific projects
  • Strategic planning before execution (SOP)
  • In process infrastructure, machinery planning & supervision
  • Perfect planning for operations on farm/plant
  • Training workforce on farm/plant
  • Unique management system for daily farm/plant operations
  • Unique management system for complete project supply chain
  • “Market linkage” – The absolute advantage to clients