Organic Terrace Gardening: “Take Control on Your Fresh Food”

“Grow tons of Fresh Food for You and Your family, While Saving Time, Space, and Money”

With increase in the population & scarcity of space, many multi story buildings, skyscrapers are on rise in India today. Every passionate individual today thinking about terrace gardening at home to grow own food in own place.

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  • Introduction to Terrace Gardening.
  • Scope, importance & Benefits of growing our own food.
  • Terrace garden layout design.
  • Crops Selection and Cultivation Practices for Terrace Gardening.
  • Preparing Potting Soil and Soil Maintenance.
  • Input Management i.e. Plant media & Organic Fertilizers usage & Application (eg. AmrutJal, Jiwamrit, Panchagavya, Nim Ark, Dashparni Ark)
  • Automatic Irrigation system Management.
  • Crop Management for Diseases & Pests.
  • Economics of the terrace gardening.
  • Model Terrace Garden Visit (One No)
  • Some of the benefits to health, aesthetics and environment.
  • It increases flow of oxygen and keep you away from pollution.
  • Helps in building stronger immunity system.
  • Reduce indoor temperature by 6- 8 degree and can reduce air conditioning cost.
  • Reduce overall heat absorption of buildings and insulate the building against heat and cold.
  • Convenience of safe, pesticide-free, healthy green and fresh vegetables.
  • Experienced Professional Trainer.
  • Individual attention to understand course completely.
  • Trainee would be awarded with Certificate for the course.
  • Helpful for Housewives, Senior citizens.
  • Course flexibility as per requirement.
  • Complete study material for the reference.
  • After training support for Terrace garden development.
  • Special discounts are available for group bookings.

Who are passionate to start their own venture

  • Any Individual,
  • Working Professional,
  • Women,
  • Students,
  • Farmers,
  • Entrepreneurs,
  • Start-Ups,
  • SMEs,
  • & Corporate Organizations.